Lambton Home Inspections

Lambton Home Inspections and Consultation

After 10 years of being in the building and renovation trade and seeing all the best and worst of previous renovations I  made the decision and decided to attend Lambton College for the Home Inspection Certificate and designation.

I pride myself at giving the most comprehensive and accurate Home Inspection possible as laid out in the Code of Conduct and the Standards and Practices designed by CAHPI National – Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and OAHI – Ontario Association of Home inspectors.

After many years of full demolitions and rebuilds in Sarnia we have found many different ways “do it yourselfers” and less than reputable contractors will use to hide their shortcuts. Certain tell tale signs are evident as to whether the “flip” or sale you are interested in is actually done to professional standards, even relatively new builds can be suspect to less than honourable building practices. Most importantly we don’t just want to dwell on the problems the property may have but also bring it to your attention all the positive attributes and potential the home has. We feel our first duty is not only to our customer  but also to the home itself.

We offer many different types on inspections:

  1. Full inspection consisting of 3-4 hours of investigation. You will receive a complete write up of the condition of your investment… including pictures of all deficiencies and where we found them. You will also receive a full list of reputable contractors to help you through any needed repairs. (As a contractor also we are held to the code and standards. We can not assist personally in any repairs to a home we inspected for 2 full years)
  2. Verbal walk through is an option for those who cannot risk the extra time to make a decision on their investment. In a sellers market you may also fear putting a “condition” on the offer. A verbal walk through can assist you in the decision.
  3. Pre-sale Inspection is great for any seller that fears a long drawn out procedure at the time of sale. If you are selling and want to make sure that your property is ready for sale we can help. We can also help anyone starting to “flip”…being ready is the key to quick sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Your home is the biggest investment you will ever have…let’s make an informed decision!!!!