Frequently Asked Questions of a Home Inspector

What does a Home Inspection Consist of?

A Home Inspection consists of a visual inspection of all the major components of your home; Heating and air conditioning, roofing, insulation, plumbing, electrical service, exterior siding, windows, and structural components. All major components are inspected as to their abilities and problems at the time of inspection.

You’re a contractor; can you fix anything you find wrong for us?

No, I cannot (not for 24 months). It would not be ethical to inspect your home and then reap the benefits of repairing what I find wrong. I will leave you with a list of qualified, trusted and fully insured repair facilities that can help you. I will also give you a rough estimate as to what the repairs may cost to add to your budget.

Are you fully insured?

As “Durocher Construction” we are fully insured and covered under the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. I also carry liability insurance to ensure you carry no liability while I am on your property.

Is your Home Inspection Guaranteed?

Yes and no, we will personally guarantee any of our findings or lack thereof due to our own personal negligence to the cost of the home inspection itself but that is where any guarantees end… “Why” you ask…It will be impossible to fully guarantee anything in the home inspection business, we can only inspect what in readily accessible, visually observable and safe to do so. This will also only consist of installed systems and components. We cannot clear snow from a roof, run an AC unit in the winter or a heating unit in the summer. We cannot move furniture as we would then assume responsibility if anything was damaged. What it really boils down to is one thing; if someone is intentionally trying to hide something from us then they will succeed. It doesn’t mean a poor or negligent home inspection on our part, it means someone has intentionally misled you as a customer.

How long will my inspection take?

The average physical portion of a home inspection will take approximately 3 hours dependent on the size and style of the home. Inspecting an empty home will naturally be much quicker than a fully furnished home but both can be done in a timely fashion as not to inconvenience any parties involved. The inspection then goes back to the office to fashion your write up, this can also take up to 3 or 4 hours dependent on what is found and how in depth we need to be to cover all interests.

Should I be present during the inspection?

It is actually preferable if the customer is present. It is much easier to physically point out the good and bad of the property and bring it to your attention. It is preferable but not necessary, not everyone has schedules that can be flexible enough to make this situation work.

How long will the final report take?

We strive to always have a report to you within 24 hours, earlier if requested and possible.

What does a home inspection cost?

All home inspection costs are dependant on what type of home inspection you are looking for…the average full home inspection will be $400.00 including a full write up. Walk throughs and pre-sale inspections vary depended on how in-depth we are able to get and how much time we have to complete the inspections.